Forced Career Change

by : Michael Harrison

It is probably true that after a while a large percentage start dreaming they could work from home or start a home based business, few actually do something about it. They continue dreaming

These days this is in explicable because it is possible to change career no matter what your age or profession. There is now less continuity in employment so adaptability and being forced the make a career or job change could face anyone at any time. You are certain to know someone who has faced such a dilema.

With the advent of the computer and associated equipment more and more people are changing career, deserting the corporate world and joining those of us who have successfully started our own businesses working from home and who continue to reap the benefits of being our own boss.

The technical advances of recent years have made owning and working in your own business not only possible but also practical. This apparent change of career is really a change we make in the way we work.

As we progress through life we all acquire skills and experience. It is these skills and experience, which, with imagination and persistence can move you into the realms of working in your own home, employed, freelance or in your home based business.

Many people start working from home for their current or some previous employer. The only difference is that they may take responsibility for employment costs, insurance, holiday pay, tax etc.

Telecommuting is now a reality. Approximately 15 million people in the USA telecommute in some form. Major employers in the UK are actively encouraging this trend.

Working from home requires skills, experience and discipline so it's very important to make an inventory of what you have to offer to employers and or clients. When listing your skills and experience, don't limit yourself to past job experiences.

Include anything that you have learned or can do that is related to a hobby, interest, pastime or volunteer experience.

Skills that translate well into working from home include researching, writing, computer skills, phone communication skills, and sales and marketing experience.

If you are looking to be employed in a work at home job the key is to search where people post jobs. Employers are looking for qualified people to fill genuine vacancies. It is the position they advertise, and they advertise on job related sites.

That does not mean that scams will not be posted on job sites but for the most part you can be sure that work at home jobs won't be posted in search engines.

If you are looking to offer new clients your freelance services then many of the same job search principles apply but with different terminology.

You need to realise that you most likely will not find your perfect job/client on your first attempt just as it has always been.

People seem to expect that they will find the perfect job/assignment straight away. This market is no different from the classified job advertisements in the newspapers.
Job searching requires just as much effort, persistence and diligence.

At all times be professional. Your standards and presentation must be of the highest order just as if you where applying for traditional employment. Possibly more!

You must submit professional quality resumes, portfolios and applications. Your written submission is the first and only chance you have to make an impression. The competition will be fierce.

You need to set your submission apart from the rest.

Here are some tips;

  • Learn about resumes and cover letters.
  • Submit your resume to a person.
  • Follow the directions indicated in the job announcement.
  • Gear each resume to the job/assignment you are applying for.

Don't give up - ever!

If you have been looking for 6 months you need to re-evaluate your efforts.

Are you looking in the right places?

Are you willing to consider variety?

Are you pro-actively marketing yourself and your skills?

Do friends and former colleagues know about and fully understand your attempts to change career?

Have you been submitting top quality literature, lettersArticle Submission, resumes and applications?

Have you been working on your goal on a regular basis for 6 months?
Wishing to work at home for 6 months isn't the same as actively looking for a job for 6 months.

This career change is potentially the start of a new way of life. You can turn your work at home dream into a reality. It may become the start of your own business as you get used to the disciplines.

Use the foregoing to make that vital career change which could be the start of the most exciting time of your working life.


Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.