Computer Careers: Getting Your First Job

by : Chris Bryant

The hardest part of getting a computer career started is just that - getting started!   For many career changers, the first step in a rewarding career in IT is attending a tech school such as ECPI or ITT Tech, and then it's off to the job hunt.

When it comes to the difficulties you can face getting that first job, I speak from experience.  Today, I possess the world's most valuable computer certification and own my own computer training company, but the beginning of my career was very, very difficult.   Just getting an interview when you're looking for your first computer job is tough, but I'm also living proof that it can be done and you can go on to a great career. 

When you first enter any field, a lack of experience is the biggest obstacle to overcome.  When looking for your first computer job, I strongly recommend you not concern yourself with salary as much as the experience you can get on your first job.  Yes, I know we all have to make money, and I'm not saying you have to work for free.  When considering your first IT job, ask yourself what experience you'll be able to list on your resume in two years if you take the job.  The more hands-on experience you get in that job, the more money you'll be able to make later. 

My first computer support job was with a public school system.  I didn't make a lot of money, but the experience was incredible.  I got to work with different operating systems,  installed a lot of hardware and software, worked with end users and students personally, and even got to set up my first network.  Not many jobs offer that range of experience in two years, and the experience I acquired on that job helped me get a new job that paid three times as much.  I was on my way!

Getting your first computer support job can be tough, and it requires a lot of legwork and phone calls.  Be relentless, and check with your local school systems when you're ready to find a job.  You probably won't get financially rich on your first jobFree Web Content, but you will gain invaluable experience that can help you become rich later!