Do You Have Career Partners

by : Paul Megan

Career partners? If you are a student of the alternative job search revolution, then you already know that some of the most vital assets for your job search are career partners.

Career partners are people who team up with you to help you accomplish your career advancement goals. Here are just some of the ways a career partners can assist you:

1. Help you clarify your job search goals.2. Practice your communication skills by role-playing interview situations.3. Advise you on who the best targets would be to go after.4. Introduce you to those targets or to someone who has access to them.5. Prepare follow-up strategies to reinforce your interview.

Career partners are people you know who can provide one or many of these valuable services. They can be friends, neighbors, relatives, co-workers, former bosses, mentors, business and religious leaders, etc.

However, it's critically important that you approach them the right way if you want to have any chance of gaining their cooperation. For example you can NEVER ask them to find you a job. This is an imposition and a responsibility that no one wants.

On the other hand, they will be wide open if you simply ask them for their advice. You must then give them a review of your current thinking about making a career move so that they are up to speed about your background and your best thinking about where you want to go. You then ask them for their feedback. Let them buy into the process by sharing their thoughts.

Then you say, "Is there anyone you can think of that I should be talking to who can give me some additional insights into the company I'm interested in." Jot down names. When you've completed a list, you then ask, "Can you introduce me to any of these people you've recommended?"

When you do this procedure well, you're going to wind up with access to some very important referrals. Some of them will be resources for additional information. Others may actually have an interest in you for their organization.

You can see from this you that the more career partners you team up with, the more opportunities will open up for you. By taking your time to build a list of career partners instead spending an inordinate amount of time writing a resume and mass distributing it, you can dramatically move the odds in your favor.

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