Driving your New Career

by : Gary Bailey

Been thinking about a career change? An often overlooked vocation is that of a HGV driver or LGV driver. This exciting line of work can give great job satisfaction, flexible hours, guaranteed employment and total freedom at work. And did you know, HGV drivers earn up to ?29,000 a year? Over ?550 a week!

In so many careers, people find themselves stuck in a rut, not making that promised promotion year after year, and unable to reach the job satisfaction or salary levels they truly deserve. If this sounds familiar to you and your current job, then have you ever considered a change of direction?

You may not know this, but becoming a qualified HGV or LGV driver is actually easier than you might think. You can get excellent training to achieve your HGV licence in no time. All you need is a normal driving licence, to be over 21 years of age, and to complete an HGV training course. You can even get finance to assist you with the initial costs of the training course, and in some circumstances, you may even be eligible for a government backed loan or grant!

What are the benefits of becoming an HGV driver? Well, as described above, you could find yourself on ?29,000 a year for a start! Escaping the mundane 9-5 is just a step away. The freedom of picking your own hours, a permanent or temporary role, nights or days, it's all up to you! Plus, you could be eligible for sick pay and holiday, plus even pension benefits!

And there is no shortage of work either. Currently in the UK there is a shortage of qualified drivers, and so you can almost pick and choose which job in the industry you'd like. With over 80,000 current driving jobs, you'll not be left short looking for work.

Think about it. Say goodbye to your current employer and become your own boss. Earn more money, with less stress and more flexibility. When you put it like that, it suddenly starts to make a lot of sense.