A Retirement Career Plan? Gimme A Break!


A retirement career? You gotta be kidding! I've got enough on my plate right now without thinking about a retirement career! Just gimme a break!

OK. Let's say you're interested in retiring soon. Or you're just planning the future of your job, career advancement or job search. Here's an import fact of life. You are about to be impacted by the Boomers.

Baby Boomers are reaching retirement age in record numbers. And this will affect your current job or your retirement plans. I don't care if you're a pre-boomer or actually a proud member of the Boomer generation. The Baby Boom is going to impact your job and career!

For example, thanks to improved health care and lifestyle changes, many Boomers will continue to work well past retirement age.

If you are still years away from retirement, this fact will make a difference to your ability to advance your career. The competition just became much tougher. Many employers see a positive impact to their bottom line by retaining long-term, experienced workers.

What's more, when Boomers do finally decide to retire, employers will have a difficult time finding skilled, experienced employees from a smaller pool of available workers.

Employers realize that increased burdens will be placed on the already stressed Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid systems. Employers will have to become very creative to come up with innovative benefits and compensation strategies.

On the other hand, if you are planning ahead for retirement, your retirement career plan has just handed you another fascinating option. For example, you could consider staying right where you are until you're ready to stop. But in a retirement mode . . . working part-time . . . or coming back as a consultant or other contract employee.

So, retirement is no longer a stodgy retreat into oblivion where the only thing you have left is reading the paper and watching the news. With an occasional visit from the grandkids.

Of course, there's always the marvelous world of creative loafing, or traveling or vacationing. But, now there's also the rewarding world of continuing employment. Baby Boomers have provided options for you that were unheard of just a few years ago.

If you thought that it's way too soon to put together a retirement career plan, you're wrong! It's never too soon. At least if you want to take advantage of the Boomer employment options. When you take a look ahead at the expanding retirement career options you'll be delighted to discover the many wonderful ways to enjoy employment or as long as you want.

So whether a retirement decision is imminent or you're dead serious about getting ahead in your career, the secret to your success is to plan ahead. That means staying informed about the constantly evolving job and career marketplace.