Ontario Police Careers and Police Foundations

by : Amy Nutt

Whether you dream of helping people, or the excitement of chasing bad guys down a Toronto alleyway, you may be dreaming of a career as police officer. If you're looking into a career in law enforcement in the province of Ontario, there are a variety of steps you must take to make that dream come true. Depending on the city in which you apply, there are a variety of requirements that all applicants must meet in order to be accepted.

The first step in applying to be a Police Constable is to complete an application. In some cities the application can either be filled in online, or printed and delivered to the Police Department in person. The application form is lengthy, and in order to apply you must already be in possession of your:
- OACP certificate
- CPR certification certificate
- First Aid certificate

After the application process has been completed, an applicant must then go through the testing and selection process. In order to take the test, all applicants must pay a testing fee, and the test will be taken after requesting an appointment.

After the testing phase has been completed, all applicants will undergo a personal interview and physical test in order to assess a variety of necessary skills. These skills range from mental ability and emotional stability to physical skills. This will include testing for analytical thinking, self confidence, communication, flexibility, self control, relationship building, achievement orientation (the desire to continually improve), medical skills, and physical skills.

Background Investigation
Applicants who are accepted through the interview stage will be subject to a background check. This includes a psychological assessment test, as well as reference checks, verification of documents, etc.

Applicants that make it through the entire application and selection process are almost home free-- though it does not guarantee their being hired. The last step in the police constable recruitment process is the review stage, medical assessment, and payment. Applicants who go on to the training stage must pay a fee towards their police training.

Course: Police Foundations
The recruitment process is long and in-depth, and many skills and abilities are made of applicants. The best way to ensure your qualification for a position as a police constable in Ontario is to take the Police Foundations course. This two-year college diploma program trains future police officers to deal with the problems and issues related to their jobs and qualifies them for a career in law enforcement. All applicants to the Police Foundations course must generally possess a written certification of good health.