Lucrative Careers In Heavy Equipment Repairs

by : Kris Koonar

Now our youth have a variety of career options to choose from. A career in heavy equipment repair is one such opportunity and an ideal choice for youngsters who have a mechanical inclination and who like to deal with this machinery that is used for construction or mining industries.

Machinery like bulldozers, cranes, forklifts, excavators and many others fall into the category of heavy equipment because of size and strength. This machinery can only operated by well-trained and skilled operators. Heavy equipment operators undergo training for operating as well as repairing these expensive machines.

There is a huge demand for operators as well as heavy equipment repair technicians due to industrial growth in transportation, trucking, construction etc. Employers are unable to recruit highly specialized repair technicians due to a shortage of trained technicians. So if you are keen in making a career in this field then you can join any of the heavy equipment training colleges to become an accredited repair technician.

These training schools design programs educate the candidates with details of the equipment as well as train them in repair and maintenance of the heavy equipments like wheel loaders, backhoes, forklifts, bulldozers, skid steers and excavators.

Training courses guide you through the repair and maintenance prospects and show you the right way to grow in this career. Such courses are highly practical and provide hands on training. This career can provide you a start from $10-$25 per hour and as you gain experience in this field you can surely expect a high pay scale. After gaining five years experience in this field, you can surely expect a hike of $70,000 per annum.

Repair training courses are available throughout the year and some colleges offer courses in the evening, while some offer regular daytime courses to enable you to adjust your schedules accordingly. The demand is ever increasing in the field of heavy equipment repair technicians in the field of transportation technology and those who love hands on work experience as well as those who are mechanically skilled can choose this field. This repair course allows you to flourish in this field and avail of many opportunities. You can even learn to impart your skills and you can expect a pay scale of $10-$25 per hour or more. Career prospects in this area include automotive, aviation, heavy equipment operation, equipment repair, truck driving and collision repair.

If you have an interest in heavy equipment repair, then you can take up an accredited training. Once you are trained, you can surely grow in this field and get many credentials and become a professional technician.

Growth prospects range from service technicians to service mangers or you can start your own repair shop some day. This can be achieved with an academic career-training program provided by various training schools. The jobs provide job satisfaction as well as help you to earn an attractive pay package. Initially the pay scale may be modest, but it is bound to increase with experience and expertise.