Career Path In Wedding Planning

by : Phoenix Delray

Finding that perfect San Diego job is all about finding that delicate balance between doing something you love, and choosing a viable career path. Wedding planners are in high demand in San Diego, and jobs for these skilled professionals offer the opportunity to help couples and their families plan the wedding of their dreams.

Wedding Planners are responsible for every detail of the wedding planning process, and, as such, much possess the ability to remain calm in times of crisis, negotiate well, establish good connections, and be adept at handling money. In addition, since wedding planners are responsible for the aesthetic aspects of a wedding, they should have, or develop an excellent eye for detail, as well as a good fashion sense, and be able to keep up with the latest trends. Wedding planners can be as involved in everything from the intricacies of menu planning, to the arrangement, color, and type of flowers at the ceremony, and must be sensitive to, and knowledgeable of, various religious ceremonies, beliefs, and practices.

Wedding planners can work for large firms and companies, and this offers the planner the security of a corporate environment, benefits, and the ability to hit the ground running, so to speak. For the other wedding planners, who are usually consultants, the startup costs involved can be daunting. These costs, which are estimated, according to the most recent figures to be approximately 2,000 dollars and up for a computer and software, 100 dollars to 5,000 dollars for marketing via advertisements in the yellow pages and local publications and through direct mail campaigns, 500 dollars and up for a wardrobe, and some allocated for other miscellaneous costs.

As far as education and experience, it is generally recommended that some public relations and event planning courses be taken, but a four year degree in these fields is not an essential condition for employment. Catering experience, as well as experience in interior design, flower arrangements, and contacts in the Bridal industry, are all considered valuable assets.

Wedding planners get to be creative, have fun, and help happy couples realize the wedding of their dreams. It is a job that is always changing, never boring, and requires a dynamic, creative, hardworking individual in order for it to develop into a successful career path. If you feel that you meet these requirements, why not look into the wedding planning field when searching for your next San Diego job. You, and your future clients, will be glad that you did.