Architecture Career Dictates the Environment

by : Clint Jhonson

The traditional architecture career besides professional architects, principal, project architect, staff architect, draftsperson, or intern can offer some other positions which are also good opportunities for architects' jobs. It is not necessary that an architect can be architect only. An architect can have many other career opportunities. Some careers which can additionally be required besides that of an architect are for example architectural critic, architectural photographer, building inspector, city planner, civil engineer, construction inspector, construction manager, design/build team manager.

Other examples could be: environmental planner, furniture designer, graphic designer, illustrator, landscape architect, market researcher, museum curator, publisher, real estate agent, structural engineer, technical writer, TV/film producer, web site designer. Architects jobs offer a big range of the architecture career possibilities. For example a building inspector is all the time necessary on a building area.

His duty is to inspect the area on a general level. He is responsible for the safety of the buildings under construction. The same can be said about the city planer That is why architectural education is a nice opportunity for a range of jobs. The most important duties an architect should have is that of managing and estimating the space, size, materials, light and other components which enter in the constructional process. Architects jobs represent a good opportunity for those who would like to have an impact on the surroundings.

The architects modulate, change and introduce new tendencies in urban design, in this way creating new tendencies in architectural styles. Architecture career connected with imagination and with flexibility of the mind. Such architects can achieve worldwide success. There are many companies which compete at different contests regarding different projects. In this case, each from a company should present his or her project in the best way.

For this purpose the architect needs a big team, a team which will act in the company's interests. The team consists from different consultants, graphic designers, engineers, planners and some others. There are some international awards destined for the best architects who created their masterpieces. The Pritzker Prize is one of the most prestigious awards in the architectural world.

One of the requirements for architects' jobs is the direct work with the clients. The architect is not an intermediate, the architect is responsible for the project and he should settle all the misunderstandings or clients' preferences with the client directly. Architecture career is based on the comments and satisfaction of the clients. The architect is responsible for the deadlines, for the work of technicians, mechanical and electrical engineers. An architect must manage a great number of people. Architects work mostly in their offices, but they also have to work out of the office and to pay visits to their clients, to supervise and to guide the works on the building areas.

Architects jobs require full attention to the local laws and jurisdictions regarding buildings. They should know the law regulating the building of massive edifices, the safety engineering, parking limitations, there are limitations regarding the usage of glass in some areas, all these necessitate a very careful study from the architects' side.

Architects are responsible for our habitations, they dictate the fashion of the cities, they preserve the architectural heritage of the countries, they are responsible for the comfort and for the emotion a city can provide. So based on this it is possible to state that an architecture has a strong impact on our lives.