Pursuing A Career With Animals

by : Tony Jacowski

Basically, when a person thinks of working with animals, the only options that come to mind are veterinary practices or pet grooming. There are many ways in which you can combine your interest in working with animals and make a living out of it. The jobs based on scientific know-how, biology and veterinary medicine. Candidates need to be knowledgeable in organic chemistry, calculus and physics.


To function as a professional animal trainer, you have to understand animals and their specific behavior. Animal trainers are generally certified and if you want to be successful trainer, you must gain a 2-year local college degree and also have some knowledge in business and psychology. Trainers often set their own fees. A business license is a must for any trainer.

Job Prospects

You can also work with a veterinarian as an assistant or technician, where you may be asked to check animal patients. You may have to clean the cages and examination rooms. If you have a veterinary degree, then you qualify for vaccinating the animals and can assist the veterinarian during surgical procedures.

Another job would be to work in a shelter, where you may have to assist with euthanasia. Sometimes, non-profit shelters offer minimum wage, but city-run shelters offer wages set by the City Council. State or local governing bodies certify all these positions. In some states, there is a set and identified basic difference between veterinary technicians and assistants, so before you select your field of work, you should check with local authorities.

Grooming is also a profession for which you have to acquire some basic training. Some states offer certificate courses for pet grooming. The costs of various training courses vary widely. These programs are usually not eligible for educational loans.

You can also practice as a holistic practitioner for animals. You can heal animals by using traditional methods, aided by the study of biology, nutrition and other sciences. To pursue this career, you should complete a certificate course. Some chiropractic colleges also conduct animal programs. These practitioners are usually self-employed.

To be a professional veterinarian, you have to acquire a degree from a recognized university. It is very difficult to get admission to these colleges. The preliminary requirements can be acquired from any local college and then, you could pursue specialization in a veterinary college.

There is a dearth of veterinarians in the USA and this is not due to lack of students, but fewer colleges. A professional veterinarian earns $90,000 to$225,000 a year.