What Career Matches your Personality?

by : Joel Engel

What Career Matches your Personality?
Joel Engel

Does your writing follow the copybook model taught in school?

Do you write letters that resemble numbers?

Do you always connect your letters?

Then you can become an excellent accountant, bookkeeper or cost estimator! Discover the perfect career for you through the secrets of your personality type.

Do you know if you are doing the work for which you are suited? What talents your teenage children are gifted with, which might be developed through the right course of education? Which is the right person for that special position in your organization?

Researchers have observed that most people have certain personality traits that can be categorized into professional careers. How well your personality and career match can significantly influence whether you find that career fulfilling, nerve-racking or boring. The first step is to identify your personality type. The more closely your type matches the job's requirements, the happier and more successful you will be.

What's New
An evaluation of your handwriting will pinpoint your employment strengths and direct you to a profession that best compliments your unique personality.

How does it work?
A professional graphologist trained in vocational guidance will analyze your handwriting. For example, if the following traits are found, you are
&bullVery hands on
then the graphologist will recognize nursing as your best match, as these are some of the vital traits necessary for this profession.

Before the arrival of the internet, getting information about the activities that make up a job search was truly hard to find. Now, it is all at your fingertips.

About the Author: Graphologist Joel Engel is the author of "Handwriting Analysis Self-Taught," (Penguin Books). He operates online personality types and career matching.
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