Career Opportunities In The Fashion And Beauty Industries

by : Shaun Parker

For many years jobs within the fashion industry have been a girl's dream job. For those with the creative skills of design, this dream has been a reality. However it is a small number who ever make it to the stage of designer, despite a growth in high street chains designing vaster ranges the jobs are still sparse.

Other work that could be described as a dream job is to model the clothes, not all girls will be able to do this despite the thousands that wish to be on the catwalk. It is not just the catwalk where modern models can be found, outside the world of haut couture many leading brands, catalogue and television advertising companies require models to push their campaigns. Not all must be the stick insects we see in the high fashion industry.

Away from modelling and the design aspects of the industry there are still good career opportunities for those wishing to pursue them. If you cannot see yourself as a model or designer there other options that may suit your skills.

Television and film are constantly looking for the cream of the beautification industry. Make up artists and hair stylists are required for productions and can offer the opportunity to work in a varied range.

Firstly as a make up artist the subject will vary a lot and the type of make up application will change, you could be doing a seventeenth century period drama or a contemporary piece meaning the work undertaken will differ greatly. In fact film and TV offer stylists and designers the opportunity to go wild and perform diverse tasks testing themselves to the limit.

For many, hairdressing is a great way to earn a living and can be considered a preferable job, contemporarily known as stylists the hair trade is becoming more beauty focused. Large chain companies have taken hairdressing to a new level away from the unglamorous door to door. Now getting a hair cut means a funky modern salon, with widescreen televisions and music blaring out, hence the prices have also been on the increase, to reiterate modern hairdressing can be seen as good earning potential.

Not only has the world of hair modernised but a growing industry globally is that of beautification. Since the eighties increasing numbers of manicurists, skin cleansers and beauty salons have arisen. This has created a new opportunity for many who like to pamper and preen. Jobs in this industry are not easy to acquire, a common misunderstanding is that this work is easy, this could not be further from the truth as both hairdressers and beauticians undergo extensive training and wide-ranging examinations on the subject.

Health spas have also become increasing common in the last decade. Whether this is down to women wanting more pampering or women having more disposable income due to the glass ceiling being removed is difficult to ascertain but either way the industry is booming. It offers many chances of employment for those who are qualified, for example personal trainers and holistic treatment specialists provide a valued service to spa patrons.

The modern fashion and beauty industry offers jobs to members of both sexes, in today's world of equality it would be criminal not to. The profitability of such businesses is growing as increasing numbers see fit to treat themselves regularly. The modern fashion houses and high street chains offer many jobs to designers and models alike making the industry a real consideration for many.