Careers In Hotels, Pubs And Restaurants

by : Shaun Parker

Are you somebody who has constantly got a smile on their face? Are you bubbly, fun and have an affable nature? Can you handle late nights and working hard? If the answer to these questions is yes then maybe a career in the hospitality industry is worth some consideration.

Although often overlooked as a long term career option the trade could not be more rewarding. It provides the scope for close customer relations, professionalism and is mostly enjoyable, although handling stress is a major component of the business.

When looking for jobs in the trade a few factors are worth contemplating. Unfortunately the lower echelons of the business are not well paid. Being a waitress or part of the bar staff is often extremely hard work. Stressful at times, coping with waves of customers who all want service immediately is something you will have to cope with.

Before you shy away however, dealing with these customers through speedy and efficient service can be the most rewarding element of the job, getting through a service period successfully having laboriously served all of the patrons leaves you with a feeling of exhilaration, the adrenaline rush is outstanding.

Being busy however is not the only element of working in the trade. When times are slow it is possible to get to know your customers. For me this was the most enjoyable part of the job, chatting to regulars about their lives and past experiences truly gave the job an interesting element.

This is where for those in the lower pay band can achieve greater bonuses; by providing exemplary service and showing real care for your customers, tips and free drinks will come flying your way. This brings the next element of the hospitality trade, for those working in hotels and bars, late nights are often par for the course.

Working until two in the morning can be tiring but also gives a sense of satisfaction as you pour the last drinks of the night, kick out the final customers, clean up and perch yourself at the bar with your colleagues and savour the drink that is in front of you. Unfortunately with a whole bar at your disposal it is often easy to carry on drinking after closing time until the early morning.

For those who wish to enter management in any sector, managing a public house, hotel or restaurant can be valuable experience. It tests almost all of the capabilities you will need to be a successful manager. Whether you need to drive a team through a stressful service session, deal with complaints from irate patrons or check and order weekly stocks.

Managing in the hospitality trade gives attributes of people and time management, deal breaking and logistics. Managing in this sector creates a well rounded candidate who often has good experience in many fields; it can be a good proving ground when beginning a management career.

Jobs in this industry also include those in hotels, jobs here are usually extremely demanding due to people's requests when in a home away from home, this pushes personal skills to the limit. Often hard to keep your cool a necessity is to remain polite and courteous at all times. The sake of your hotel depends upon reputation so how customers are treated is vital to the success of your business.

Whether considering a career in this business or not, remember at times the enjoyment is immense, if surrounded by a good team even the busy times are fun. In this trade it is vital to keep the customers needs in the primacy, this is paramount to successful trading in the industry. To make it in the trade an easy going outlook to life and a good working ethic are prerequisite, without these it is impossible to succeed.