How To Become A Career Coach

by : Tony Jacowski

Job Profile Of A Career Coach

The duties of a career coach include assisting people in their selection of the right job opportunities and managing their careers. You could either be a career management coach or a career marketing coach. The latter is responsible for building influential contacts, posting resumes and suggesting ways to secure high placement. The main aim as a coach is to market the client effectively in the career market.


Before you establish your business, you need to consider the costs that you will have to incur as a career coach. Initially, you will be required to make major investments such as website hosting to gain publicity, a PC for processing relevant information and storing your client's data and other promotional and advertising material.

Equipment Required

In addition to a personal computer with the necessary programming software, you also need to have complete access to the Internet, so that you can research conveniently. Besides this, a telephone, printer and fax machine is also helpful.

Financial Resources

If you do not have the required capital for the initial investment, you can easily get financing from numerous sources. Business loans from banks and governments should be given highest priority. There are other business organizations as well that could help you financially and aid you in setting up your own business as a career coach by providing you with start up loans.

Getting loans from self-employment programs sponsored by the government is also a good idea. Applying for loans from business capitalists and angel investors is another option available, if you fall short of the necessary finances. However, keep in mind that they both charge a high rate of interest.

Offering Your Services For A Fee

In today's fast paced and competitive world, you have to be careful about how you price your services. You need to effectively price your competent services or else the business may not perform as anticipated.

Scope Of Income

Irrespective of whether you are a career management coach or a career marketing coach, established career coaches charge on an hourly basis. The average billing rate prevailing in the industry currently is $100 per hour.

Marketing Strategies

You can choose from a variety of methods to effectively promote your business, depending on your budget and need. Advertising in the newspapers is the most effective marketing strategy. You could even post ads or distribute pamphlets in colleges and other educational organizations. Circulate your business cards at social gatherings and events. Promoting career coaching by writing relevant articles in newspapers and on the Internet, featuring ideas and suggestions for people who encounter problems in their careers are other great options.

Huge Market

The main targets for career coaching are youngsters and people who are unable to identify the right job opportunities. Many new graduates and other people find themselves confused or at crossroads in their careers due to several reasons. People tend to make wrong career decisions when they are influenced negatively by their peers or sometimes out of dire financial need. As a career coach, you will be serving this growing market.