Choosing Animation As A Computer Career

by : Gabriel Adams

Do you feel like computers are your world? Many do and several others feel like they are at least a huge chunk of it. This is probably because computers are considered to be an integral part of the human existence, especially in the developed and developing countries. They are seen as the vehicle for development in the under-developed countries as well. The power of the human brain is explored and exploited to the best possible extent with the assistance of the computer, and it has become imperative for every person to have basic knowledge of this interactive machine.

If you really enjoyed your computer classes and you are still attempting to learn all there is to know about computers, there is a wide arena of opportunities in this field to be pursued as a future career. One of the very challenging areas in the computer field, which involves much more creativity, is computer animation. The rest of the article will discuss the idea of pursuing Animation as a career in computers.

Animation finds its place in many areas but it is most commonly used in the filming industry, where creativity is used to animate the inanimate objects or characters that are created through drawing. With the use of media such as television and the internet for advertisement and propaganda, animation will find its use not only in the filming industry but also the visual advertisement industry. The two-dimensional and three-dimensional techniques used in animation are being used to create newer and livelier effects by the film makers and television stations to bring about a change in the way television channels or movies are being watched by the people.

Animation finds its place in the filming industry and in television but there are several other areas that animation plays a large part in. The biggest scope for animation comes from the gaming industry. The typical roles for people pursuing animation as a career in computers, depending upon their skill sets, includes digital film animator, visual artists, graphics designer, senior animator, web artist or web designer.

The basic requisites for animation as a career, apart from knowing the basics in computer education, involve an extraordinary aptitude and amazing versatility in drawing. An individual who enjoys drawing and computers could easily make a successful career out of computer animation.

The classes for an Associate's degree usually take about two years to complete and most individuals are able to start working immediately after graduation. Of course, there are many others who choose to pursue a much higher level of proficiency and those individuals usually go on to obtain their BA or MA while working in the industry.

Those animators who obtain a higher level of education are usually the ones who are offered the better positions as they come available. Pay can vary between employers but several animators are able to set their own hours and their own prices for the work that they do if they choose to freelance. The career in animation will be more than rewarding for a person that is full of creativity and it offers a true sense of satisfaction when you see how much others appreciate your work!