Career Development In IT Industry

by : Nitiwat Sanornoi

Obviously that every employee need successful career path and career development, which is basically about job promotion and training. It is apparently that all of companies or organization has career development for their staff. In general, many of us think about the ways that the employer should take in consideration in order to let staff have opportunity to improve working skills. However, in many industries, the career development schemes are pretty much the same except several type of business that has different approach available to staffs.

Let me take you to the type of business, which is very important industry in the world, It and technology industries. As we can see that this industry is very different form others. Normally we can see that many types of business has clear picture of career promotion and training for employees. But for IT industry, they normally have more than what other business has. That is, they may have more attractive scheme for welfares and remunerations for staff who perform excellent job. The reason behind this because IT industry is very important to the company success as we can see now IT and technology has ruled the world, many traditional business has turned out to have IT function for their sell and service, and the consequence is employees in IT field are very expensive and many of IT company trying to keep the valuable staff to stay with them as long as they can, otherwise these staffs will be collected by other company which sometimes are major competitors.

However, career development in IT industry is not only concern to staff's benefit, but also include mentoring and training to ensure that the staffs are up to date and obtain the skills which will be beneficial to individual and to the company. Apart from that, job promotion is also very important. Every member of staff if they have very exceptional performance or has one-of project achievement should also deserve to get promotion in order for them to have success career path.

As IT is vary important, staff in the industry themselves seem want to keep learning all the time. Many large organization in IT such as IBM, Microsoft or Google have many kind of learning scheme available for employees in many forms. It could be self-learning approach, which allow their staff to learn by themselves as well as having mentor programmes available for whom want to get advice, especially for the new staff who want to kick of career with confidence. In terms of remuneration package, it is widely known that IT industry invest al lot of money on IT hardware and software technology, but the fact that pay much large amount of money to develop their human resources. This is a good indicator of what IT companies see important of human resource investment.

As mentioned earlier is IT career is somehow different from other industries, especially for remuneration package and self-development programme. May be the reason for this is they want to keep the staff as long as they can to ensure that they maintain confidentiality of business to the competitors.