Are you Ready to Start an Amazing Career?

by : Annabell Amaretto

A wide range of bright career is waiting for aspirants with a certificate or degree in the arenas of culinary arts, baking, cooking, restaurant management or food preparation. No matter where individuals select to employ, their culinary certificate or degree will bring them to the eyes of hiring hotels or restaurant employers. It offers the aspirants with the great flexibility to move anywhere in the cuisine industry, whether small or big hotels or restaurants. The skills that they learn from culinary universities allow them to keep stable step into today's fast growing business world.

Cooks, chefs and cookery personnel held above 2.8 million employments in the year 2000, mainly in hotels and other retail drinking and eating-places. To attain the expertise level of an executive cook or chef in a topmost restaurant, several years of practice and training is essential.

In the recent years, Hotel Management studies have become more popular among those aspirant students, who want to start an amazing career in culinary profession. Earlier, in most of the restaurants, managers were individuals who had skill in the job and the opportunities were only a few. Now, the tourism industry has opened out many avenues, especially in resorts and hotels, where maximum number of visitors visit to enjoy their holidays. Thus, there is a great demand from hotels and restaurants for skilled professionals to render service for their visitors.

Future Prospect of Culinary Arts:

Many colleges and universities offer BHM (Bachelor of Hotel Management) for aspirants to acquire skills in several areas of hotel management, such as food preparation, hotel administration and rendering pleasant customer-service. A few colleges offer diplomas, which have regional and international collaboration with topmost restaurants and hotels in the USA.

As per United States Department of Labor, there would be ample of employment opportunities for cooks, chefs and cookery professionals through 2010. Several current chefs and cooks have reached their retirement age, causing great demand for professional employees. In addition to the requirement of professional cooks and chefs to replace the retiring employees, jobs in the cuisine industry are likely to expand. Since, more numbers of Americans expend their spare time in hotels rather than preparing food by themselves.

The great demand for professional chefs and cooks is likely to come mainly from hotels or restaurants that offer different menus to their clients. Due to the increasing demand for higher-end services, the amount of openings for short order cooks and fast food cooks is likely to decline in the upcoming years. Moreover, schools and hospitals to make their service and menus more pretty, they outsource cooking and serving to third parities. This results in more employment opportunities for aspirant cooks in hotels and restaurants.

Remunerations and Other Incentives:

While the remuneration of cooks, chefs and cookery personnel differs depending on the geographical location, however employing in a topmost hotel or restaurant normally generates a high remuneration. As part of remuneration, hotel managers get performance-based incentives of up to 25%, laundry, lodging and meals.

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