Creating And Communicating Your Career Brand

by : Tony Jacowski

A career brand is a cohesive image that leads to you being positioned as a trusted expert in your field and attracts the ideal employer or client. It also conveys to potential clients or employers the value for them of investing in your talents.

The benefits of having a strong career brand are manifold. It has numerous advantages:

-A good career brand brings you new and varied opportunities much faster.
-A career brand makes sure that the other parties, such as prospective customers, clients, and employers, are aware of your expertise in the area.
-A good career brand can also act as a guide in your decisions about what career retraining is necessary or which of the many opportunities to accept.
-A good career brand can create a compulsion in the employer's mind to hire you in much the same way as a good brand in the market makes you want to buy a certain product.
-A good, strong brand sets you apart from your competition.
-A good brand takes you out of being just a commodity where nothing but the lowest price counts.

There are a number of ways that you can go about creating and communicating your career brand, making it a good, strong enough brand to help employers choose you over others in your field. Remember that the process of finding a job or a client for your home-based business career is a simple process of being able to fully market yourself.

Think of your job search in terms of marketing where you are the product and the employer or client is the consumer. By doing this, you will clearly see how a compelling career brand can help employers and clients to better perceive the benefits of acquiring you or your product. This process can bring you a distinct advantage in the job market.

A good career brand is a combination of an authentic, strong image and combines advantages and awareness. You have to be able to project a strong image of yourself while focusing on the advantages that you can offer in the specific instance of the job, and you have to be able to make prospective employers aware of the advantages you offer.

-Image: Your brand image needs to be based on reality. It must be about who you really are, in addition to what your purpose is, both in your career and in your life. To develop your brand, sit down and decide upon a list of your skills, experiences, and talents. Try to decide exactly what the most essential part of you is. What would you like to be known as, in short?
-Advantages: Once your passion has been identified, think about its advantages. Write down at least three distinct advantages of your brand for the consumer.
-Awareness: Look for good opportunities to let the right people know about your brand to make them aware. There is no point having a great brand unless people are aware of it. Get your name recognized and become known. You can do this by writing articles or blogs on the net or offline, speaking at any available meetings and community get-togethers, finding ways to work on high-profile assignments, or suggesting constructive ideas to your employer.

Once you have created your career brand, continue to strengthen and protect it. There will always be competing brands and the more you cultivate create and communicate your career brand, the more successful you can be in your job-search as well as your career.