Crafting A Career In Teaching

by : Tony Jacowski

Teaching influences childrens' developing minds and it inspires and dispels ignorance. The teaching field is vast and has many areas of specialization, different skills and type of teaching at various levels. People generally choose this profession for various reasons, for example if they love to teach and mingle with kids, or if they have a burning desire to impart their knowledge or if they feel teaching is the way to influence the future positively.

Teaching involves an unrestrained enthusiasm for the emotional and intellectual nurturing of others. Good teachers can bring out the best from every human being by watching their lack of interest and curiosity and then molding it in the positive way.

If you have unrestrained enthusiasm for this noble profession, then you can craft a successful teaching career. Here are a few tips:

-If you feel you have an urge to be with children, then first analyze whether this is just a product of imagination or for real. Start and analyze your urge by working with children or organizing summer camps or try and baby-sit kids. Try and spend maximum time with kids, and understand the age group with whom you share a comfort level.

-Once you understand your comfort level and your style, then you will have a better idea of whether you should work at elementary or secondary level. Teaching any group has its requirements; for example, you would need a degree in elementary education to teach at elementary level and a high school degree or specialized education to teach specific subjects.

-Before you enroll for certification, conduct some research, as each state has its own requirements for teaching. While some states require their public school teachers to hold a bachelors degree, some states will let you qualify for teaching credentials if you have teaching experience.

-If you are an undergrad and are pursuing your bachelor's degree, then you can start of initially as a teacher's assistant and then become a substitute teacher. There is nothing like gaining classroom experience to get a clear picture of the job. Experience always looks great on a resume.

-A teaching job is not as easy as it may appear; especially if the school that you are considering teaching at is not well funded. You can get help from your college counseling centers who can guide you with their invaluable services, by helping you with job searches for teaching positions.

In order to be successful in this profession, you must first understand the psychology of the student and understand that all students have the potential to grow. You as a teacher can help them find and expand that potential by understanding each student. Each child's experiences are different, and so are their cultures and learning styles.