Give Your Old Career A Second Chance

by : Tony Jacowski

Competition and challenges are a part of today's world. Therefore, in order to achieve a goal an individual should plan his or her career well, rather than aimlessly changing jobs all the time. There are many individuals who are clueless after their graduation, as they have not planned their career well. Proper planning serves as a key to success.

Planning and Focus

The focus today is on acquiring multiple skills and cross functionality, not in acquiring a specialization. With proper career planning we can avoid dead ends. Career planning helps us think about our positive and negative traits, so if you plan to quit your existing job then don't look behind you as you need to progress ahead; lamenting over the past would pull you down.

Don't spend your energy wishing that you could have changed your past; spend some time relaxing and then start your job search. You won't be successful in your job search if you keep brooding over your past mistakes because then it may make you more frustrated and guilt ridden, indirectly affecting your job search.

Coping With Stress

Handle stress and take your second chance in a positive way by planning ahead. Use your spare time to learn about stress busting techniques to do. Yoga and meditation are two popular options. In this way, when you begin your new job, you will be motivated and equipped to deal with the new working style. Some innovative people give their old career a second chance. For example, a person who works in the automotive industry as an injection mold designer starts his own design company. Sounds interesting, doesn't it? Unfortunately, industries have come a long way and people hate to stay in one position for long.

Are you willing to walk away from your existing job or business just because you are tired of selling or begging for work? What's worse is selling and asking someone for work or giving up on everything for which you have been working for years.

Successful people don't give up because they hate to fight or hate to beg for work, they come up with new ideas to improve their existing businesses or jobs and stay afloat. They keep enhancing their strengths so that they can create a name, and bounce back with energy.

If you have assets and skills and you find that they are not working out positively for you, then figure out the hurdles and find some solutions to solve them. If you struggle with selling, for example, then try and hire someone to sell for you. If you still find it difficult to succeed in business, then get out and meet your customers and make those relationships stronger and they will always remain loyal to you. You might also want to hire a business consultant to understand your business and develop new strategies.