Retirees- Benefit from Truck Driving As a Career

by : Kris Koonar

Trucking companies have revised their requirements for employing truck drivers, from the young and fresh drivers to the retirees, who may still wish to be employed and keep working. There is no limit or restriction on the age factor of the person, if the retiree is still in a position to work or wishes to work.

Of late there has been a significant shortage of drivers for long haul trucks or long distance driving. The reason is that the younger drivers are married and have families. The young drivers wish to be closer to the family and if possible, more at and near home rather than away. The empty nester and the retiree seem to be filling this gap of shortage among young drivers and are therefore on the books of the truck companies.

Why do the truck companies prefer to hire and have introduced relaxed hiring criteria while employing retirees? The reason is that the retiree has a good and reliable work track record, a strong sense of ethics and stability. Retirees have proven themselves to be reliable and dependable and able to get work done, whatever it may be. Besides they have to their credit many years of work experience. Youngsters have proved themselves to be the complete opposite when it comes to reliability and dependability. They soon find that they are unable to cope with the truck driving job which calls for far more responsibility than they are able to handle on their own.

An ever-increasing number of retirees, especially husband and wife teams, are being recruited by trucking companies. Their family duties and responsibilities being generally over, they are still fairly young and very eager to work. As a team, the husband and wife retirees are able to get more hauling done than a single driver would be able to handle on a job. As a team, the couple gets to see more of the country than they would otherwise do and also have the pleasure of spending more time together. In addition to the facilities they are also paid well.

As long as health conditions do not pose a problem for the truck driver, recruitment is easy. Not only does the retiree get himself and his spouse a job, but they also get the benefits given to any truck-driving employee. They become entitled to the sign-on bonuses, insurance benefits and paid vacations. Taking up a job as a trucker gives you that extra buck which had ended with their retirement.

Most trucking companies that recruit retirees provide you with training once you have signed on. So it does not matter if you have never driven a truck before. The training will give you the confidence of being able to drive the long haul trucks as well as driving long distance too.

You have much to benefit as a retiree in a trucking company. It is worth looking at truck driving as a second career, after you have retired from your regular employment. The income that a husband and wife team can earn annually is anything between sixty to ninety thousand dollars, which is certainly a good compensation package.