Esl Teaching - a New Career for Moms

by : Fae Cheska Esperas

Teaching English as a Secondary Language (ESL) online has proven to be one the fastest-growing online jobs nowadays. More foreigners are recognizing the benefits of being fluent in English, and the target market is no longer concentrated only on students, but on business professionals as well. Besides that, people find that ESL teaching doesn't just pay well; it also meets the needs of individuals who find it more comfortable working at home.

45-year old Adela Stevens used to work as a sales agent while taking care of her three teenage kids. Since she needed to earn extra money to pay for all her children's education costs, she had to get into a number of part-time jobs to get through with her finances. While browsing for part-time work on the internet, however, she stumbled on an opportunity for online ESL teaching.

"It was a bit disorienting at first, since you have to talk to somebody with a different accent," she describes. "But later on, you'll see that these students are passionate enough to learn the English language, and teaching them is no longer that hard."

"Students are of different ages, and they come from various countries," Adela continues. "Some are Asian, while others are French or Italian. But all my students share a common goal: to learn English and use it well in their everyday lives."

An hour's work of ESL teaching over the internet is worth an average of $30, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. This makes a good source of profit for working moms like Adela. And to further assist her with her newfound career, Adela took up a certificate course in ESL teaching. "Courses in ESL Teaching are becoming more available in schools to address this need. Scholarships are even given to adults who wish to return to school and take up practical courses such as this."

"ESL teaching in a way has transformed my role as a mom and career woman," Adela concludes. "Through this job, I am able to spend more quality time with my kids while focusing on my work, since I no longer have to leave the house."

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