How to Do Your Career Analysis?

by : Andy Smith

We all must do analysis of vital factors that shape our work life. Let us do a quick analysis of your career and find out if major changes are needed.


Chronic stress over a period of time may make you feel totally helpless and unable to cope up with demands of life. This can cause burn out. When in a job, you feel that you are overburdened, and under appreciated, that the demands of the job are increasing and despite all your efforts you are not able to manage the work and get blames for not performing, stress becomes chronic and one loses interest in work and many other activities in life. This is burnout. Absolute helplessness is experienced during burn out and one finds that one can simply not continue.


Are you feeling that you are getting a raw deal in your job? Do you feel that you are being blamed wrongly? That you are being given more responsibilities than you can handle? That no body bothers about your comfort? You do not get any appreciation? That your smallest mistake is being blown out of proportion and you are made to feel bad? You may be getting emotionally abused? Are you getting a strong sense of discomfort?
Then you are being victimized.

Right Seat-

We all have a chair that designates a position in our career. For most of us the position, the responsibilities, the growth prospects and many such factors decide if we are happy in our seat? Sometimes, we may be unaware that another seat may send us much higher in the hierarchy and satisfaction level. Sometimes we are frustrated with our job for no easily identifiable reason. There are many such factors that determine if we are on the right seat. Find out if you are on the right seat.