Consider a Career in the Hospitality Industry

by : Steve Nicolle

Little did I know back in 1979 when I took a bartending course that I would have the opportunity to travel , make a great income , have flexibility to do the things I wanted while working , and meet great people along the way. The top ten reasons I am still waiting on tables and loving it are the following.

Due to the increasing labour shortage there is a growing demand for leaders in the hospitality industry as never before so when you become proficient in what you do the opportunity to make your mark is easier and the rewards greater.

As the need for serious and skilled employees increases in the future,working conditions will improve so that you will not see the long laborious 12 - 14 hours shifts that some workers face nowadays. Unless the owner wants to see continued high turnover in his establishment the main onus will be to do whatever he or she can to keep the good employees they have.

There is no fear like in other industries who have global competition and layoffs to contend with of being out of work in the hospitality industry. People have to eat and find a way to socialize with one another and the restaurant industry is one of the last oasis to do just that.

A lot of people are attached to a palm pilot , blackberry , and e-mail long after they have left the office while in the hospitality industry once you leave your work it stays there till you come back. No taking it home with you. In other words you have a life outside of work undisturbed.

Both my wife and I are working in the industry and together we work about 45 hours a week in total allowing at least one of us to be home to take care of our young children all the time. Without having to do daycare we have more input in our children's life and are able to participate in school activities etc.

You have the flexibility to have a life outside of work.With the abundance of labour needed in the hospitality industry you can literally work any hours you want if you are good enough.Do not be afraid to ask for what hours you can work as nowadays if you are good enough the owner will gladly hire you.Then when you need time away for family outings you will get it.

The opportunity to travel is huge unlike any other industry. To be able to pick up and go wherever you want insures you paid vacations anywhere. Learn a second language if you can. See the world.This is an industry you can meet people from all over and learn different cultures and become a world person rather than a local inhabitant.

Needless to say you always eat good food and drink good wine. Need I say more!

Every day is different unlike an office job where you meet no new people in some instances for months. In this industry people you meet and work with always are very interesting indeed. This also affects positively how to cope with all kinds of personalities and situations that can happen immediately with no warning.

Because of the physical nature of the industry where one can be on their feet most of the time you can get your exercise and keep your waist line thin. So you get to stay looking younger longer.

In conclusion , the hospitality industry has a lot going for it so I say to everyone involved know what you want to get out of it and strive to be the best at what you do and you will be rewarded. Trust me!