Cruise Ship Jobs

by : Terry Lowery

Considering a job on a cruise ship? There probably isn't anybetter way to see the world or to meet new people. There aremany different careers to choose from on a cruise ship. Thesetypes of position are generally full time ones, but you will getsome "down time". Generally if you work on a cruise ship you getfree room and board, free medical care and meals. These jobsseem much better suited to younger people who aren't settleddown yet. It can be very hard spending long lengths of time awayfrom loved ones.

There are generally three different departments on any cruiseship and all available positions are divided into thesedifferent areas; the hotel, the deck, and the engine department.As with any job position, each of these departments has asupervisor that you will report to. Most entry level positionsare available in the hotel department and comprise thefollowing: Pursers Office, Cruise Staff, Food Department, BarDepartment, Dining Room, Housekeeping, Gift Shop, to name a few.Other departments are Salon, Photography, Casino, ShoreExcursions, Engine Room and Medical Staff.

As with a lot of companies, a lot of people who work on ships inpositions of authority have worked their way up through theranks, proving they can do the job. Of course someone applyingfor a job in the Medical Office or the Salon or even the EngineRoom would have to have the obvious pre training requirementsbeforehand.

If you are planning to work with the general public on a cruiseship such as with shore excursions or serving in a dining roomor bar you will need to have an outgoing personality, andremember that the public is always right. A smile goes a longway to soothing a customer who may not be happy.

Generally cruise ships want a commitment from their workers ofat least four months. There is usually a break of four to sixweeks between contracts