Secrets To Getting That Perfect Job

by : Daegan Smith

In a business world where everything is quantifiable, corporate enterprises are eyeing on prospective employees who are potentially able to work diligently and at the same time, translates them into a positive, yet profitable results.

Effectuating results is the center of the business enterprise activity. People need to do what are expected of them and do more usually beyond what is comprehensibly right.

The market is gearing more into a selective machinery where people with the right qualifications and right attitude are fit to be included in its workforce.

Leverage: What's in a name?

Most of the times, job seekers are not judge according to how much education they have but how much accomplishments they have attained. It matters not how MBA degree have changed the way your resume looks like but how you were able to use that to effectuate changes in your current or previous work environment.

Bringing about change and results in your current work habitat does not mean producing an outcome which are only desirable for a specific time period but should last a lifetime. It must have a specific impact on your current work-related practices and one which benefits every client subscribing to that change.

That's where leveraging comes into the scene. Selling oneself has had a positive effect on the eye of the employer if it is coupled with descriptive evidences of your professional qualification and preparation.

Job seekers often find their way in a career discussion bumpy for they are unable to delineate job responsibilities and accomplishments.

People need to see more proof of one's professional competence before they would even get you working on that $250.00 + worth seat. People in the corporate world are not stupid trying to figure what encoder means to them. They are more interested in you leveraging the level of competence and contribution you have achieved as part of your previous company and all throughout your entire encoding career.

Accomplishments equals Success

Michelle Watson, a career services assistant director based in Lehigh University, located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, suggest that, "Employers are seeking success stories. Resumes are now focusing not only on "regular" job descriptions, but also include concrete, measurable accomplishments

More and more people are becoming aware of how accomplishments will make prospective job seeker as an effective candidate to take on that critical job and participate in the company's drive to success.

Sometimes failures on your previous job gets in the way of preparing for another job but as David Feherty has put it, "It's how you deal with failure that determines how you achieve success." Focus more on what you can do and deal with the bitter taste of life and work on them as you sail along the sea of life.

Trials and failures are a constant thing in life and the better way to deal with them is not by ignoring them but by embracing them and learn from all the lessons it brings you everyday.

Recording Accomplishments to Leverage Success

As discussed above, your achievements are your number one tool in acquiring that perfect job. Leveraging your job accomplishments is not about showing off your contributions to your previous company association but by exemplifying your ability to integrate your learned and acquired potential and become a contributing member of its team.

A more popular PEP Formula (Profitability, Efficiency, and Productivity) tells lot about an applicant's ability and its appropriateness on the position he or she is applying for.

Did you do something to increase the company's overall earning/sales output (Profitability)? How did you contribute to the overall success of the company by being able to close a certain business deal promptly while avoiding delays and increasing compliance to the current business standards, and possibly exceeding them (Efficiency)?

Moreover, your tangible contribution to your overall success of the team through various business initiatives and profitable market concepts and strategies will determine your employability (Productivity).

Employers are not there to find someone who will cause liability to their company but the one who will leverage tools at hand to generate income and become part of the companies overall performance in the market.

Educating Your Audience

Although selling yourself maybe one that will best qualify you to take the must-coveted position, Susan LaPlante-Dube, a top marketing analyst and president of the Precision Marketing Group and New England Women Business Owners (NEWBO), related that educating someone [instead of selling yourself] is better than selling.

Selling is, most of the time, viewed as unrealistic and demonstrates professional rigidness. Education brings about understanding and appropriate proper perspective in delineating path to career success.