Do You Really Know What Your Job Is Worth?

by : Joe Goertz

No matter what position you are in, chances are other people in the same position are not making the same salary you are making. Why? Because upper management can get away with it! Are you going to continue to let that happen? No! Want to know how to find out whether or not you are getting what your job is worth? If you have put in the time and money for an education, you absolutely deserve to get the money that you are worth. Check out some salary guides to find out what your current position is worth. Every position has a different pay scale. You should know what kind of pay your current position is supposed to offer. You can find that kind of information in a salary guide on the Internet.

During this technological era, there is no excuse for not knowing how much you should be paid. You should know before you apply for any position exactly how much should be offered for it. With the Internet, there's just no reason not to know. There are, unfortunately, hundreds of thousands of employers who take advantage of the fact that we often don't have any idea what a position is worth. And not knowing can cost us thousands of dollars from our own paychecks.

Suppose you are interviewed for an HR position. Let's assume that you are one of only three people who survived the application process. Now, let's assume that you are a woman and that the two men were interviewed before you. They have exactly the same education and experience as you. Exactly the same. Who gets the job? It might depend entirely upon whether or not the employer asked what kind of salary you were expecting. It might depend upon whether or not you are aware of what the position is worth. Are you willing, as a woman with the same credentials as the other applicants, to stand up and demand equal pay? You might be if you had known ahead of time what the position was worth, right?

There are literally millions of salary guides online. Some of the top guides are located at,,,, and You can also find information in the Salary Center at and Most job sites will have some type of salary guide available. Also, most of these guides can be viewed by state and/or job type. You can even find sites to determine what type of salary you will need if you move to another city. What will the same job pay 1000 miles away? Find out!

The more you know about your job or the position for which you are applying, the better.