Make The Most Of That New Job

by : Jonathon Hardcastle

So, you've finally landed that exciting new job that you've always wanted. Your juices are flowing and you're eager to start. Of course, your first priority is to make a good impression with the people that count. Here are a few tips to get you started.

1. Dependability matters
The most important impression you want to make is that you are a dependable employee. This can be achieved in a number of ways. Arrive early to work. Deliver what the boss wants.

2. Show the right attitude
Don't be one of those people who avoid doing work because 'it's not my job.' It would be better if you took the alternate route and asked your immediate supervisor for more work to do. You should always go the extra mile.

3. Agree on goals with your boss
You and your supervisor should agree on the goals that you should achieve in this job. If this is not clear, ask for more guidance. Don't worry about asking because it will tell your boss that you really care about meeting expectations. Of course, this includes setting clear-cut deadlines for your requirements.

4. Update your boss regularly
Even if your boss does not follow up on some requirements, tell him or her about developments in advance. Once you've completed something, ask him what he thinks and how he evaluates your performance.

5. Have a good reading of the corporate culture
This is tricky for first-time employees, especially if they are fresh graduates. The fact is that each company has its own particular culture and it is up to the new guy or girl on the block to fit in. There is such a thing as political etiquette in the office place so tread carefully.

6. Communicate effectively
Whether you're it's oral or written communication, make yourself clear and succinct. Don't try to say too much and keep your comments related to the topic at hand. Take the initiative and look for opportunities to make your own presentations or reports and execute them to the best of your abilities.