Discover The Hidden Job Market

by : Archie Lubman

There is nothing secretive about hidden job market. This common sense guide will help you to discover additional job opportunities that are not listed with major newspapers and well known job search sites.

1.) People you know

There are some job openings that are not listed. Also many employers don't have a particular vacancy but would consider hiring the right person.

How do you find out about these positions? The only way to discover such jobs is by asking people that you know: relatives, friends, acquaintances... There is a good chance that someone knows about employment opportunities in your field.

2.) Professional job sites, small newspapers

Many job search sites specialize in particular professional field such as IT, medicine, telecommunications and so on. These sites are often overlooked by job seekers. You can find many professional web sites by going to (scroll down to the bottom half of the page and follow professional links that apply to you).

Also I suggest looking for local job search web sites that offer vacancies in your city or state. One can discover such sites using search engines such as Google, Yahoo or MSN.

In addition, people often ignore employment sections of small newspapers. While they don't list many jobs, these employment sections are still worth looking at.

3.) Apply unsolicited

This is not the best job search technique. However, you have nothing to lose by applying to companies that don't have particular job openings.

You can find many potential employers through Yellow Pages, Thomas Register (directory of various companies usually available in reference section of public libraries). You should send your resume to as many companies as possible.

Another alternative is to use premium resume distribution services that are listed at (scroll to the bottom half of the page).

Hidden job market is relatively easy to discover. Many job seekers ignore job search techniques described in this article. I hope you are not one of them. Information provided in this article will help you to find additional employment opportunities.