Should You Change Jobs? Eight Things To Think About

by : Martin Haworth

People see the nice house you live in and the new car in your driveway. They see you pay your bills every month, and you can buy the luxuries you want, when you want. So, it looks like you have a dream job.

Yet, deep down, you know this isn't your dream job. It might have been so a few years ago, but now you may be feeling like that once-upon-a-time dream job has turned into a bit of a nightmare - and it's getting worse. Sure, it pays well, but, actually, you realize you hate your job. Time for something new and a change?

Look at these top eight reasons for a job change and see any fit your situation:


Your days at the office could be long and boring, and you are lacking something to get excited about. Been there, done that. People need challenge to stay motivated and be productive; otherwise, they'll drag their feet. Changing careers can put the spark back in loving your job.


You may be the type of person that enjoys learning and gets motivated about new things. If your job is boring and a routine that you know like the back of your hand, a change of jobs to something new could be a nice switch.


If you are unhappy, you can feel it and it shows. Your family life might be suffering from bad moods that you bring home or needing time to unwind before being able to play with the kids. You are suffering and your happiness with life is taking a hit. A better job can turn your mood around and make you someone that's smiling - MUCH more.


Many people enjoy jobs that leave them feeling a sense of accomplishment or having helped someone. Many jobs are ones that seem to have no purpose or effect on the world at large. Changing careers for a job that gives you a sense of fulfillment can help you feel like you make a difference.


Commuting is rarely considered a good part of a job. Your time traveling to and fro is wasted time that accomplishes very little besides getting you from point A to point B. Also, commuting long distances or through heavy traffic can be wearing, tiring, and stressful. Changing jobs to have one closer to home may leave you feeling more relaxed and happy, as well as giving you more spare time to enjoy life.

Personality Fit

A job isn't just something we do. A job is part of WHO we are and should be a reflection of what we're good at. If your job is about aspects that don't fit your personality (like math or working in the public), then change it! The relief you'll feel at doing something you like better, is definitely worth it.

Personal Potential

Many people enjoy seeing just how much they can do or how far they can go in life. If you have always dreamed of being something more or playing a much bigger game bigger, staying boxed into a job that doesn't go anywhere can feel like a cage. A job switch can open up plenty of opportunities for growth.

Feeling Valued

There is nothing worse than feeling like you are just another number in the big scheme of things. We all like to be valued and feel important, but there are situations that can leave us feeling like a nameless worker that doesn't matter. A place of work that doesn't value you isn't the type of place you want to work.

It doesn't take much to sit down, in a quiet moment, to identify which of these eight things are a trigger. What may take a little longer is to consider how important to you it is to do something about it.

And only you can do that, by finding out more about what you can do next to move your job and career on to something better - a true dream job.