An Easy Way to Sky-rocket your Job Performance

by : Peter Khoury

The Easy Way to Sky-Rocket Your Job Performance

Why does one employee out performs another?

Why do two employees with similar education, age and experience have different job performance and satisfaction?

Is it simply: a personality, luck or an intelligence difference?

It is true that personality, luck and intelligence contribute to the job performance and satisfaction of an employee. Yet there another often unnoticed major factor that makes "top performers" out of employees.

The factor is "Career Strategy and Planning"

That is, if we have two similar employees the one with the career plan and strategy will outperform the other and will be much happier and more satisfied with his job and duties.

One of the things I was guilty off when I started my career and a trap almost every professional I know falls into as well- is spending time, energy and money looking for random ways to improve technically, but not for a systematic and strategic ways.

I've experienced it in my own career and have seen it over and over with clients and friends. Simply stated have a career direction and plan.
Puts your mind at ease because you feel on track
Motivates you to perform because you have a direction
Automatically sky rockets your performance because you are motivated, committed and self directed.
It puts you in control of your career and future.
So instead of going in circles, doing random things, stumbling with your career. Take control, take charge and setup a career strategy and plan and go forward.