Bartending: Are You Up for the Job?

by : Keith Londrie

Bartending seems like a pretty easy occupation. Even people who have never been to Bartending School or have other similar education jump into the bartending business thinking that bartending the same as any other business.

Indeed if you plan to hire people for absolutely everything including a manager who knows the secrets of bartending the whole venture can be quire simple or at least business-book simple. However this doesn't make you the bartender but the investor.

The obvious things such finding a location of the bar, buying all the furnishing and equipment are straight forward. All you need is a good research and planning and you can be ready in less than a month.

Hiring the personnel and keeping the people who work for you is the hard part. Obviously your employees must be satisfied with the job. However keeping bar staff happy might turn into a nightmare. Bar staff should be treated differently than the staff of a regular company and the traditional boss-to-workers behavior is in most cases useless. Your people will be pt into big pressure, working ling hours, dealing with other people who are sometimes drunk, dealing with money. Take all of these into account when creating the working practices in your bar.

Bartending includes another dark side which is often underestimated. Dealing with customers can also be a tricky thing. As in any company the customers are the most important part of your business. If you don't have customers your business will dye. The big difference between bartending and any other business is that bar customers usually come to the bar not because of the drinks offered but because of the bartender and the atmosphere.

The list can go on an on as there are hundreds of things any bartender should know. For example as a bartender you will have to memorize a large quantity if drinks and learn to prepare them quickly. Also you will be responsible for keeping the bar well supplied with all of the drinks that are in the menu. This requires a very good knowledge of how the drinking patterns of your customers.

Finally you should make sure your customers are having fun and enjoy spending their time in your bar. You should think well in advance how this can be achieved. Do not e surprised if this task turns out to be harder than you have excepted the competition between bars is huge and each is trying to beat the rest by being unique. The theme of your bar depends on the location, your primarily type of customers and the opening hours. You can choose to have a karaoke bar, a live music bar, bar with pool, jazz bar, etc. the chose is quite large so do your homework first and pick up the best option.