Jobs and Work Fairs

by : Marian Alba

Jobs and work fairs are a great opportunity of exposure to participating employment company. It is usually than by simply targeting a specific industry and graduates. This allows learning on what is the employment trends and the skills needed for a certain position and some tips on how to apply for a job. Attending such may also give you a chance to be interviewed by a job recruiter.

Jobs and work fairs: Making the most of it:

1. Set the day only for such activity

2. Know the proper dress code during interviews

3. Don't forget to bring your pen and paper. You are not a computer to remember everything.

4. Bring resume enough for the number of recruiters you will be submitting it to.

5. If possible bring your things that will somehow look formal. Something that will go with
your attire.

6. Decide in what field you want to belong into ahead of time.

7. Be open minded allow yourself for new ideas about employers.

8. Practice how you'll be introducing yourself. Remember be confidence and believe in your capacity.

9. Be early as possible. Make arrangement for future contact.

10. You appreciation for recruiters who had spend time interviewing you, remember to ask for a business card for your follow up letter.

11. Make notes to avoid confusion about your conversation.

12. You may talk with others applicants. This will help to have an idea about their career experience that may help you with your plans.

Your career is really something that you should be giving attention of. In life it's not actually your wealth or position you have in a company you are being measured but how you exactly survive the trial's of life and making it worthwhile. It is much better to be planning ahead rather than being in the middle of the war not prepared dying open eyed.