Your Job Search Blueprint


Putting together a successful job search blueprint is tough. For many, you're going into uncharted territory.

That's because a successful job campaign requires that you translate concepts and strategies into action. It's a process of injecting what you understand into practical behaviors . . . day after day.

That's why having a job search blueprint complete with practical success strategies is so important. When you know what to expect and why in advance, the process suddenly becomes a lot smoother.

Without a carefully-thought-out job search blueprint, you wind up poking your job campaign with a stick from time to time to see if it still moves. And nothing gets done.

Or worse, you wind up taking a job because it's the only thing on your plate. And set yourself up for failure.

The solution is to have a track to run on where you anticipate and resolve issues in advance. This guarantees your success.

Your job search blueprint should also be audacious enough to assure you that you can get a new job quickly . . . not waiting weeks and moths for something to materialize.

Acquiring a high paying job fast isn't easy. You have to be willing to give up the old-fashioned ways of doing it. And discover some new strategies and techniques that will propel you to success in a short time.

So, what does a successful blueprint look like.

Well, there are 8 key components:

1. Build a personal asset bank and career profile.

2. Identify all your job and employer options without relying exclusively on your work history.

3. Prepare a bio-action resume.

4. Build a contact bank of enthusiastic career partners

5. Practice innovation interview strategies

6. Set up multiple face-to-face meetings with qualified decision-makers

7. Negotiate a comprehensive deal

8. Follow through by posting on job sites, selected emails, targeted letters, job ads, agency and recruiters, job fairs, etc.

The secret, of course, is in the details and how you complete each of these steps. But when you do, you will have accomplished your goal: a great job that both satisfies you and pays you what you deserve.

One of the reasons this job search blueprint is so successful is that it keeps you out of the competition. When you're not beating you brains out trying to figure how to get ahead of the next person, you can devote you energies and attention to powerful job search strategies that allow you to bypass all your competitors.