Introducing Multi-Level-Marketing

by : billy101

As the name suggests, Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM), basically involves selling a company's product through people networking. In simpler words, multi-level-marketing entails selling a company's products directly to the end customer instead of selling them through the regular retailing process.

Definition of multi-level-marketing:

Multi-level-marketing is executed through a multi-layered distributor channel where payments by the company are made differently to the distributors according to the level they fall in. Distributors are responsible for the business development and the revenue generation for the company.

Unique selling proposition of multi-level-marketing:
Multi-level-marketing works on the following fundamentals:

Daily use products: Generally multi-level-marketing is done by the companies that are offering products of regular use, such as, soaps, detergents, car wash, containers and cosmetics, to name some.

Convenient shopping: The convenience of shopping is another strong feature of multi-level-marketing. Generally, multi-level-marketing supports online shopping and at times even people network makes the shopping process easy. The distributor goes to the customer's house or whatever place is convenient to both the seller and the buyer.

Features of multi-level-marketing:
The following are the key features of multi-level-marketing:

Network: People's network is the backbone and the soul of MLM. Word of mouth and trust play major roles in the success of MLM. People known to the distributor trust him or her recommendations and try out the products. If the products do have the impact on the customers, then these customers further recommend it to the people known to them and so on and so forth.

Flexible timing: The distributor can work for as long as he or she wishes to. Therefore, the time, money and efforts to be invested in MLM is totally on your choice. You may pursue it full-time or part-time as suits you.

Convenience: Along with the convenience of flexible timings, MLM facilitates working from home. You don't have to show up in the office daily, you can work from your home and at whatever time you want to.

Small capital: You need very humble start-up capital to begin MLM. Therefore, you run little financial risk. But, do measure the risk-return ratio before venturing into MLM.

Independent distributors: MLM happens through independent distributors network. These distributors obtain the products from the company directly without any middlemen. Reference memberships result in distributors network.

Late results: In MLM, after a lot of hard work, you start very modest. It takes a lot of time to grow in MLM. But, if you are that person with hard mettle then there is nothing to stop you. Results will show.

Multi-level-marketing requires more perseverance, tact and great people network to succeed. With a small start-up capital requirement and decent results after some time, I feel its worth trying.