Your Guide to Getting English Jobs in Korea

by : Bei Maniago

Most of the people all over the globe are familiar with the English language. They have seen the great need of learning this dialect, so that they will be able to keep up with the rest of the world. The economy of American nations is playing a huge role within the global market. On the other hand, its culture; tradition; and history are well known to almost all citizens within various global countries. Because of these reasons, English is among the most popular languages.

With the great number of individuals wanting to learn the dialect, the opportunity of obtaining English jobs is vast. Among the several countries, which are intent on studying it, is Korea. There have already been a lot of people who have acquired great teaching experience within this country. This is possible because they opted to look for a teaching job in reputable and well-known schools. Plus, they make sure that their contract is properly negotiated and written.

When choosing among different English jobs in Korea, it is important for you to consider your option carefully. Reading each of the school's contract terms thoroughly will help you determine which one holds more edge. Make sure that your living and working conditions are included with the benefit coverage. You might also want to ask for references from the people that you know of; who have previous experience with a teaching job in the country.

Among the cities within Korea where you will be able to find an English teaching profession is Bundang. This is Seoul's satellite city, among the best locations of the country. It will not be hard for you to adjust, since you will be working with sixteen other foreign teachers. You will be provided with 2.0 to 2.8 million Won. When converted to dollars, this means that you be receiving $2,000 to $2,800 every month. However, the amount that you will get depends on your credentials and your experience.

This English teaching job in Bundang allows you to choose which level you want to be assigned. You can opt to teach preschool kids, grade schoolers, or middle school kids. If you want to work past your regular working hour timetable, which is 22 to 30 hours each month, you will be provided with an overtime pay. The specific pay is 17,400won for each class that lasts for forty minutes.

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