How to Shorten Your Job Search

by : Pamela Watson

Searching for the right position requires focus and a great deal of targeted job searching. If you would like to find the right job for you in a highly targeted manner, then you need to follow certain steps that may take you out of your typical comfort zone.

The typical job seeker will usually decide that they have to find the jobs that are available- - the ones listed on on job boards, in the newspaper, etc. This is a comfortable path to follow; it's one that we have tried over and over again. It has probably led us to the current position we occupy, or to the previous ones that were held.

If you're searching for a position, or considering the possibility, wouldn't you be interested in following a shorter path that will help you uncover the jobs that are available, and the ones that have yet to posted? Of course you would. If we can find ways to make the job search successful - - and shorter - - then all of us would be willing to follow a different path.

In this article, I will provide 3 important steps to follow to help you succeed within your job search, and help to make it a shorter process.

Step 1: Target the company
Make a decision which company aligns with your career interests, path, advancement, goals. Create a list that includes 5 or more companies that you believe match with your goals and background. How do you find these companies? Some may be drawn from your familiarity of the types of businesses and industries in your area (whether local or regional depending on your relocation desires). Some may be currently seeking resumes and have posted available positions. Do the necessary research to review your targeted companies' background, objectives, position needs.

Step 2: Identify the business need
Using your list of targeted companies, use your research skills to identify the current and prevailing business need. For example, after researching a specific organization, I uncovered that the company had an extensive growth plan to be implemented over the course of five years. Through this company's website, I was able to uncover a pdf. file that tracked the anticipated staffing needs to ensure the company reached it's growth goals across the country. From this type of data, you can make general assumptions regarding how someone with your qualifications may fit in with a targeted company's mission or goals. Through use of the internet, track down company press releases, events, financial information to get as much information as possible.

Step 2: Market yourself BEFORE sending your resume
How do you get into your targeted companies? In cases where the position you're seeking has been advertised, you may be required to go through a screening-out process with the HR department. In this case, before you send your resume, contact the HR Manager, introduce yourself and your qualifications, and ask if it's possible to review the company hiring process with you. Ask if the position is still available for interviews. Ask for an email address to send your resume (especially if they requested online applications in the job posting). Additionally, be sure to courteously speak with any administrative staff who handle or forward your calls - - introduce yourself, explain your interest in submitting your resume. Develop the relationship and increase your name recognition prior to submitting your resume. Even if there has not been an advertised position, you can follow the above steps.

These are three key steps which can provide much needed help to get you in front of the right person at your targeted company.