Do Work at Home Typing Online Jobs Exist?

by : Jeff Casmer

Got good typing skills? Then you may want to consider a work at home typing online. There are plenty of companies of which you can lend your skills to by performing clerical duties. However, before you leave your day job to begin working at home typing online consider the following information.

What will I be doing?

Work at home typing jobs includes data entry, providing clerical services and customer services. Work at home typing online jobs also includes information processing and ad typing. If you are self motivated and have exceptional speed and accuracy then a home typing online career may be for you.

Success comes with knowing what you want to do. Those with skills in spread sheet and word processing will benefit in searching for work at home typing online jobs that request clerical duties such as medical billing. Previous experience is always a bonus.

These types of online jobs normally entails setting up and preparing letters, reports and other text material. They may also include preparing neat and error free copies of previously written material by other clerical or managerial workers. Work at home typists may type addresses or headings on form letters. Work at home typing online jobs may also include answering incoming mail and processing orders.

On a more creative angle, if typing out addresses is not your idea of meaning full work, some companies require work at home typists to type out articles, sometimes just a paragraph in length or small classified ads to place all over the internet. Companies will usually offer training and information on where to post the ads and how to answer queries.

Ad typing on the other hand is based on luck. For most companies you get paid a commission when someone buys the products being advertised from your posted ad. The more you sell he more you make. There are a number of very wealthy work at home typists.

How do I avoid scams?

The number one best way to avoid a scam is to look through the hype and look carefully at the company. Most ads in the classifieds are scams. They claim that for a starter fee they will teach you how to make $500 or more. If the company asks for a fee of any kind contact them to ask what exactly you are paying for. Never do business with a company that does not provide contact information or that fails to answer your questions in a week's period.

Legitimate work at home typing online companies have a real person you can talk to who is willing to answer all your questions. If the company you join provides a list of companies to work for call up the companies on that list and ask them if they are recruiting. You may discover that most of the companies don't even know they are on the list.

Another scam is having ad typists type out ads for a non-existent product. This is an illegal scam that could have you facing serious charges if you get involved. Ask the merchant for a product sample. You may have to buy the product yourself just to be on the safe side.

Work at home typing online jobs can be a great way to make money while spending time with your family. Just be sure you know what type of job you want and that the company you work with is legitimate.