It Jobs of the Future

by : Stephen Trigg

This is imperative if IT job applicants are to be successful in obtaining the most rewarding and suitable IT roles. At the moment, in the IT job market as a whole, there has been a shift in the IT skills demanded from core IT skills to soft IT skills. This implies that IT employers now have a higher demand for IT professionals who have some business skills. So, IT job applicants such as business analysts and project planners who also have good interpersonal/presentation skills are more likely to secure suitable job positions than other professionals.

In the light of this, it does appear that the IT job of the future will place less emphasis on IT skills such as programming and developing and more on business-oriented IT skills.

Since the company was incorporated in 1992, Quanta has been providing the finance and telecommunications sectors with effective recruitment solutions.

Quanta is one recruitment agency which has the specialist knowledge and resources to keep abreast of all the changing employment factors within the IT labor market. One of the reasons for this is because Quanta forms close communications links and partnerships with some of the top IT employers in various industries. This enables Quanta to obtain immediate visibility on new IT roles. More importantly, it allows Quanta to provide fully tailored recruitment solutions to both their corporate and candidate clients. This also suggests that regardless of what shape the IT job of the future assumes, Quanta will be able to meet the demands of employers and job applicants.

Quanta is also one of the few recruitment agencies which provide their candidates with a post-recruitment service. The Quanta candidate care program was specially designed to provide extensive support and guidance to Quanta's candidate after a job placement has been secured. In terms of the future developments in the IT job market, this program will able to help IT professionals adapt to all changing IT employment requirements. Without a doubt, recruitment agencies like Quanta also have a substantial role to play in regards to shaping the IT job of the future.