Landing Your Dream Job: Getting Along With Your Co-Workers

by : Michael Murray

Getting a great job is always a good thing, but keeping it can be a whole other battle altogether. Between handling the pressures of the first few days and dealing with your boss, what is there to do if you feel like you just don't fit in with your co-workers? Getting along with your coworkers is not always the easiest thing to do, but it is important to at least make an effort to do so. Even though it may seem like you and the people that you work with are from entirely different worlds, chances are that you have more similarities in common than you might think.

If you are finding it difficult to get settled in a job just due to the fact that you don't quite fit in or see eye to eye with your coworkers, here are a few tips that might hopefully help your work experience go that much smoother.

Read the Bulletin Boards
Reading the bulletin boards at work is a great way to see the types of things that the people you work with are interested in. The work bulletin boards might have great ideas for you to help find something in common with your coworkers. Bowling leagues, prayer groups, book clubs, child play dates, carpools, and other things like this are normally found on work bulletin boards and they are great ways to get involved in some of the things that your coworkers are involved in.

Stay Away From the Drama
Workplace drama is the number one killer of dream careers these days. Who cares if the secretary and the boss have a secret love affair? If the guy who comes in before you every day leaves a little bit earlier than they should, that is no business of yours unless it directly affects your employment, and try to stay away from the topic of what you and your other coworkers are making. You won't get a raise just because your neighbor did, and thinking you deserve one when you don't or you are not due for one is a great way to irritate the big wigs.

Have Lunch On-Site
If you are one of those people who like to go to a restaurant or bistro for lunch, try having lunch at your workplace for a change. This is a great way to meet the people that you work with if you have not yet had the chance, and the best conversation is the kind that is had over a meal. This gives you and your associates the chance to discuss things not on the meeting agenda, like the age of your kids, your hobbies, the addition to your home, or seek advice on the new car you are thinking of purchasing.

Getting along with the people you work with is not always easy, but if you can recall the first few days at your school as a child you might discover that the feelings are quite similar. Over time, they will dissipate. Make an effort to get to know the people that you work with, and your work life will be just that much easier.