Before you Quit your Day Job

by : Mei Galang

Surviving a 9 to 5 job & following the big boss' order is not for everyone because some are meant to be their own boss. Everyone can own and run a business, the difference lies on those who are willing to take the risk and those who cannot.

If the thought of starting your own business always pop out on your way home or even on a middle of a busy office hour then read along this article.
You are not alone in this sentiment, in fact many employees are tired of their job and those unemployed are also considering other options aside from getting another job.

A good option is to invest on traditional offline business but having sufficient money for this is always questionable but don't fret because starting an online home based business is a cost effective alternative. The next step is finding the most profitable home based business opportunity that can pay your bills after you quit your job.

A practical idea is not to pass your resignation until you haven't started your business or your yet to earn an competent income that can pay off your living expenses.

Below are some suggestions on good home based business opportunities.

* Online Classifieds of Auction sites for product specific home based business.
The popular E-bay is a starting point for people to setup their online store and sell their product on the site. For Australians, OzFreeOnline's Classifieds section have been of help for buy sell or trade opportunities.
It would be easy to create an account and list your item but to convert it into sales, just like in any business you need to analyze the demand for your product. It's all about reaching the target people for your product or service. Several free tools are available online to help you on your keywords research. It is important to target the keywords with high searches per month that can get more traffic from your niche market.

* Join Affiliate Marketing
You can also earn through selling other people's product and getting a commission out of it. Affiliate marketing is popular on digital products such as e-books, software, etc. A good option is to join popular affiliate networks such as Clickbank, Linkshare & Commission Junction where you can immediately start selling their digital products and you don't even have to pay a cent to become their member. Most affiliate commission will range from 40% to 75%, making the right connections can definitely give you an income way better than your day job.

* Invest on Drop Shipping
Drop Shipping is another option where you, as a retailer does not keep product stocks but acts as a middle person who transfers the order details to wholesalers that also takes care of the delivery. You can earn income in this type of business through the difference between the wholesale and retail price.

The advent of the Internet have opened a lot of venue for online home-based business opportunities. Before quitting your day job, do a research on what's hot and what's not on this type of business. Read a lot of resources to make you equipped on the new arena that you are getting into. If your do it right and achieve your income level that are better than your day jobs, it's time for you to quit your job and work from your comfort home wearing pajamas.