Finding that Dream Job

by : Barbara Thorp.

The most excellent way to find a job is online. You can do all the necessary research to understand the position you are trying for as you need to comprehend what you will be doing; and prove to be the best at it. Because your employer will be watching you in the first few months, to see what your true skills are, and whether you fit into the company, you must know your responsibilities fully and demonstrate that you are worth having as an employee.

Of course, a profession, manual labour, hospitality and office work are obviously extremely different; however, the issues below will help you. You should also know who you will be working with and learn to get along with people without becoming too annoying. There is no reason to stay in a job where you do not 'fit in' and will feel uncomfortable and where the people around you are unpleasant either. Even if you do search online in depth, remember that you will not always meet likeminded people, so be prepared for that happening.

If you have an innate fear of the unknown because of a new job or project assigned to you, realise that it is natural and everyone experiences it until settling in. Immerse yourself in your work for your first several months, and you will find yourself growing in self-confidence.

While on the internet check out two sites that I really think are great. At and, you will find thousands of jobs listed in their job classifieds. Just register free, post a resume and find a good job. Job opportunities are definitely 'out there' and you can search for your job Australia wide. Don't be afraid to ask others questions. Maintain confidentially by not gossiping. Do not socialize in the office or cultivate an office romance, these are two of the worst mistakes employees make. Find your friends and love interest away from your daily work - you will be glad you did.