Principles Of Job Finding Success!


If you're starting out on a new job search, I have some shocking news for you!

Today there are two job marketplaces. One is the old-fashioned traditional marketplace of resumes, classified ads, website postings, agencies and recruiters, interviews and rejection letters.

The other is the hot fast-track marketplace of career partners, contact banks, automated interviews, professional introductions, interactive dialogs, on-the-spot employment creation and savvy negotiations.

You see, the 21st Century new job search market has changed a lot. And, if you stick with the old-fashioned ways of job hunting you could be looking for months. Besides, expectations of both employers and job-seekers have moved in decidedly new directions.

For example, employers expect job-seekers to know and understand corporate goals. They want prospects to demonstrate how they can contribute. Contrary to what you've been told, they're definitely not going to make a hiring decision about you based on your resume.

At the same time, opportunities are being created on the spot and, if you're part of the hot fast-track marketplace, you can be part of the creation process. Above-average deals are the products of above average negotiations where "dollars" is only one part of the total package.

Most importantly, if you want to want to be a new job search hero . . . if you want a superior position with more money . . . if you want to select your next position rather than settle for it . . . you must understand and embrace the new dynamics.

You do that by following The 10 Power Principles of Job Finding Success! Here they are:

1. Run your search like an entrepreneurial business using basic marketing strategies.

2. Identify your specific strengths, capabilities and key transferable skills.

3. Develop a compelling communication and presentation plan to position you as a highly attractive candidate.

4. Identify and recruit personal contacts and career partners.

5. Research and target organizations that match your interests and skills. Identify specific decision-makers to approach.

6. Utilize various methods to arrange non-interview meetings with targeted decision-makers.

7. Practice and perfect assertive face-to-face communication techniques.

8. Master powerful closing and negotiating techniques.

9. Follow through and follow up on each employer contact.

10. Repeat the process to acquire multiple offers so you can select your next opportunity rather than settle for it.

Put these principles to work for and you guarantee your new job search success. Best of all, you can do it in a matter of days!