Architecture Jobs - What to Do to Get One

by : Clint Jhonson

Architecture has always been one of the most desirable career fields. Today, like always, many students are thinking of getting architects jobs later in life and are carefully planning their way. But how do you get an architecture job, and more important, is it worth it? Architects usually design the building and hand it down to engineers who design the structural composition of the buildings to make it stand - this means they do things like calculating how big the columns should be to make an 8-storey building stand.

Surprising as it may seem, architects often think engineers earn more than them. But the problem is not that simple: depending on their vision and creativity, architects can charge anywhere between $85.00 and $185.00 an hour to draw. Perhaps the best way to answer a money - related question to a student is to have them work for an architect to see if it is worth it. Architecture jobs may not be easy to find as a student, but once you do get one you will soon realize whether you are made for it or not

When discussing architects jobs, students often wonder what to take - architecture or engineering. This is a simple question, as it boils down to what you want. If you are more into creating the building and designing how it will function and how it would look like, you should take up architecture; architecture jobs will sure make use of your talent. Your artistic taste and originality will show very clearly in this profession. But if you like math and you are interested on how to make a building stand, you should choose engineering. Many engineering positions are closely related to architecture jobs. Either way, you can have your private practice, if this is what you are looking into.

Architects often influence students - in fact, they know their job best. When asked who should pursue an architecture career, most architects say that people who are more a creative, curious person, who likes reading and learning from history are the most suitable for architecture jobs. Yes, it is true that it takes a lot of work to become an architect, but these are the first qualities a future architect needs.

When it comes to advice, architects agree on one thing: architecture is everywhere, so all students have to do is just look around, and they can see what they would like to do, and certainly what they would not want to do. Spending some time with both architects and engineers is the best way of getting a real approach to finding the right answer to their career questions.

Regarding money, this issue should be forgotten. Of course, money is very important, but anyone should focus on deciding what they like and whether or not they are comfortable with working a lot in that specific field. When they find these answers, money comes naturally, as a result. This applies not only to architecture jobs, but for any career one wants to pursue.