Is It Time To Get A New Job

by : James Copper

With the massive change in the economy, there is nothing that can be guaranteed. You may have not thought of it, but the truth is that you might lose your job at a time when you are most confident about it.

You may have the dream job with a great pay, good benefits, an understanding and inspiring boss and friendly colleagues. But still, it is never really stable because of the fact that more and more able candidates are coming in and vying for new jobs every second.

However, apart from the question of job security, you need to re think about your potentials. You might wake up one fine morning and feel that you are very good at your job and your job, too, is great. But you can actually move forward in search of better options with the capabilities that you have.

Try to be on your guard and look for certain signs from your company that might mean that the time has come for you to update your resume and start looking for a bigger and better new job. Some of the standard signs are:

a) Your firm or the industry that you are working for might be going through a hard time. Notice if your company is going through a slump. If it has lost many faithful clients over a short period of time and it is losing deals to companies that it didn't even consider competition earlier, it might be the time to start searching for new jobs. Other ominous signs are the dipping of the stock price, not being able to keep up with the competition and making delays in payments. According to the signs, you need to consider whether you have to change the company or both the company and the industry.

b) One thing that worries most employees in the corporate sector is the selling of their company and changing heads. If your firm has recently been sold or is in the process of being sold, it is definitely time to get out of it and look for new jobs. At times, though, the change may be welcome and actually bring forth some benefits for you. You just need to analyze the change and judge whether sticking around will benefit you or not.

c) Another change in the company that is very vital to all its employees is the change in the CEO or the company head. Once again, you need to analyze the situation before you go ahead and look for a new job. You have to see whether the new leader is actually a good replacement for the previous one or not and how he or she will affect your role in the company.

d) Notice how any change in the management affects your role in the company. If there has been an ownership change which has resulted in your job being greatly marginalized or you not getting a promotion that you deserved, then you need to think about your role in the firm.

e) Another thing to look out for is whether your position in the company has become stagnant or not. If you have got as many promotions as you could in the company and you are convinced that there is no space in that particular company to rise up the corporate ladder, you need to look for new jobs.