When Outsourcing Gets Hold of Your Current Job

by : Fae Cheska Esperas

Outsourcing is one of the major job trends happening in the global economy. As an effective tool to reduce labor costs, outsourcing has delivered a lot of job opportunities to countries such as India and the Philippines. However, outsourcing can also be blamed for the economic instability the United States is suffering. Why? It's because outsourcing has robbed Americans of their jobs.

Jobs related to customer service, technical support and IT management are the ones prone to outsourcing. Most unskilled American workers rely on these positions as their major source of income, and due to outsourcing, these people now find it very difficult to land a job.

If you're worried that your current job is soon to be fed to outsourcing, then here are some tips in order to protect yourself. Especially now that the economy is expected to face bigger problems for the next couple of years, it's always best to be prepared.

1. Get yourself a home-based job.

Lots of online jobs are available in the internet, ranging from writing to marketing and research. These are highly profitable part-time positions which can lead you towards a promising new career.

Find out more outsource-protected jobs that may suit your interests.

2. Learn a new skill.

Skilled jobs are in less danger from being outsourced, such as health care workers and firefighters. Online degrees are available to train you.

3. Get in touch with your community.

Your neighborhood might be in need of helping hands to foster community development. This part-time work can be quite sustaining since community issues deal with everyone's needs, including yours. Community-related jobs also keep you busy while on the look out for regular work.

Losing your job to outsourcing may lead you to an entire lifestyle change, since your job makes up almost the whole of your daily routine. But look at the bright side: outsourcing also opens a new breed of opportunities in which you can find no less than career success.