Great Truck Driving Jobs for Female Drivers

by : Kris Koonar

Individuals who have a passion for driving, have great options for making a swell career as professional drivers; like being a limo driver, cab driver, race car driver, valet, truck driver etc. Truck driving is fast emerging as a lucrative career option in recent times, as the demand for the truck drivers has risen by leaps and bounds. The growing economy has created a great demand for professional truck drivers and the corresponding supply does not meet the present requirements. This imbalance in the demand and supply has resulted in huge career benefits in the truck driving profession.

The 21st century has seen a phenomenal increase in the number of lady truck drivers. According to the statistics provided by the American Trucking Association, the number of female truck drivers is about two million. This amazing fact is further authenticated by Bureau of Labor Statistics, governed by the federal government.

The estimates provided by the trucking association for the truck drivers demand is between six to eight hundred thousand and this is pretty high as compared to the number of truck drivers presently available. The outcome of this deficit is the higher salaries and perquisites now available to truck drivers. This is one of the major factors that have led women to take up truck driving as a career for supporting their families and have a comfortable lifestyle. Women having the adventurous streak in them also like to take up this challenging profession that gives job satisfaction in terms of traveling to new places and an undoubtedly a good pay.

There are many trucking firms now who take into account the needs of lady truck drivers. They encourage women truck drivers on their rolls and offer them various benefits like weekly remuneration by direct transfer of funds into their bank accounts. Most medical benefits including vision and dental coverage, disability and life insurance policies, referral and performance bonuses etc. Many firms even offer low mile routes, to enable the lady truck driver to reach home within the preferred routine. The American Truck Association recognizes the fact that in order to meet the growing demand for truck drivers, encouraging lady truck drivers into this lucrative profession would tap this potential resource. Hence, trucking companies are now working towards methods and ways to make this industry woman-friendly and lessen the hurdles faced by lady tuck drivers.

The basic requirements for becoming a truck driver are a clean driving record and obtaining a commercial drivers license by clearing a written and driving exam. Apart from these basic requirements, it is mandatory for truck drivers to clear the federal motor carrier safety regulations exam, every 2 years. The exam includes a written test, and a physical test comprising vision and hearing tests. This exam is conducted by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

All truck drivers also have to undergo a periodic drug test. Though not necessary, most trucking firms prefer to hire drivers who have completed high school. Once you are armed with all these prerequisites, as a lady truck driver, the opportunities in this field are limitless. Training for truck driving is also quite affordable as there are many grants available from some reputed companies that offer to cover the entire cost of you training, for a job contract with that trucking firm. Thus you have the training cost waived off and a well paying job in hand as soon as you pass out.