How To Find A New Job Online

by : Bruce Lipski

How you find a job now in 2008 is a lot different than it was 15 or so years ago. I still remember hand delivering my typed resume to different companies that I hoped would hire me. Today, that is almost unheard of as you need a computer and you need to know how to use it to go online and apply for jobs.

In today's world of job hunting, you better know how to have your resume submitted to all the top job search sites. There are dozens of national and local job web sites that employers regularly use to recruit new employees and getting familiar with them is to your advantage.

My wife might be considered a pro at finding jobs online as this is her 5th job in the last 5 years. She seems to always be looking for another job either because she is forced to look due to downsizing, or she is hoping to find something that pays more. She has a variety of resumes that are all slightly different to send out for different types of jobs that she might be interested in. They are all on her computer and in the right formats for the job websites.

Employers look to hire through these online job sites and getting your resume on them is a must if you are serious about finding a job. You need to log onto these job websites and search for jobs that interest you. Once you find some you then need to submit your resume online to them and hope you get a call back.

Often times you may get a response from a recruiter first and not someone from the company itself. The recruiter's job is to screen potential employees to see if they are indeed worth interviewing. If you pass that interview, which is almost always done over the phone, you will then move on to an interview with someone that actually works for the company you applied to.

That second job interview may also be done by phone and may also be done by someone that is just screening you to see if you are worthy to actually get a real in-person interview. It is not easy to get a job now, that's for sure! If you are lucky to have survived and actually be granted an in-person job interview, it may take you one, two, or even three more interviews before you are actually offered a job. Of course, the higher the job level the more interviews you will probably have to contend with. If you are interviewing to be a night guard, you will probably have to have two interviews total at most.

All of this starts with the many job search sites that you need to familiarize yourself with. If you are a professional white collar or executive type, or hope to be one some day, you should make sure you know how to get your resume online and have it in the proper formats. You need to know how to look for, find, and apply to the different jobs that you will find at the job web sites. If you don't know how to do all this then your chances of finding that dream job goes up in smoke. Everything is done online now days and those of us in the workforce have to adapt or get left behind.