Guide To Your New Job


There's nothing like the exhilaration of new employment. Especially after a tough job search. So, now you're ready to hit the ground running. You're heading in for your first day. What should you do?

First, you have 5 important advantages going for you as you start your new employment.

1. You have the positive momentum coming out of your job search that can carry you through the early days.

2. As new kid on the block, you can get away with missteps that would be unacceptable in a few weeks.

3. You're basking in the good will of your new boss who is likely proud of his savvy hiring decision.

4. Your new associates are eager to show you the ropes. Since they know nothing about you, you have the added benefit of being a blank slate to them.

5. You have the opportunity to hit the ground running and confirm the boss' newfound confidence in your capabilities.

Here are some suggestions that can guarantee your new employment will be an early success for you:

--Select one new work habit that will make you more productive.

--Write down what you expect will happen. Then do a reality check after three months.

--Solicit feedback from your boss after about 10 days.

--Keep a log of all your accomplishments with quantifiable results.

--Find a mentor (maybe your boss) and have regular discussions about what's going on in the business.

As you can see from these advantages and suggestions, communication is critical to your job success. How you relate up and down the employment chain will determine your on-the-job success. But it's up to you to make that happen. Consistent good communications don't happen by chance.

After all, showing initiative is something that's expected of you. Your boss is looking forward to see how you can come forward with solutions to his/her problems. And the sooner you step up to the plate, the sooner you'll be perceived as a solid member of the team.

Over and above these on-the-job recommendations to cover your early weeks in your new employment, there is one other critically important task. Be sure to thank everyone who helped you in your job search.

Call or write each of them personally. After all, this is your support team which has gone out of it's way to help you on the road to job search success. They will be thrilled that you keep in touch with them. What's more, they will be a ready resource to tap for feedback on the job. Or when it's time to make another move!