Successful Online Business

by : kevinriley

Which do you think is more difficult - building a successful business or climbing a mountain? What if that mountain is over 10,000 feet tall and located in the freezing cold of Antarctica? What if the climber is 89 years old?

If daring to dream big can carry an 89-year-old man to the top of an ice-capped peak at the bottom of the world ... don't you think it can carry you to the profitable heights of online marketing? After all, building a successful business calls for you to dream ... and to dream big will take you further.

= Dream Big - Dare To Fail =

In 1994, Norman Vaughan decided to climb to the top of Mount Vaughan - named in his honour 65 years earlier. Vaughan was determined to celebrate his 89th birthday on the peak of this 10,302-foot mountain. He wasn't going to let his age - nor an artificial knee, nor a fused ankle, not even two feet that were numb from an earlier frostbite injury - stop him from pursuing his dream.

Norman Vaughan's motto had always been, "Dream big - dare to fail." While violent gusts of wind whipped off the icefields, dropping the windchill to minus seventy, Vaughan and a three-person team step-lock-waited their way up the mountain. On December 16, they stood on the summit, poked 89 sparklers into a birthday cake, and sang "Happy Birthday."

= Be Tenacious In Your Business =

Standing on top of that icy mountain, amongst the blasts of freezing air, Norman Vaughan read a message he'd written in his tent two days before. He made the climb a tribute to Admiral Byrd, but also to the tenacious spirit of the Antarctic sled dogs ... who never give up. Vaughan named them his inspiration.

In your business, you'd do well to use the tenacious spirit of Norman Vaughan as your inspiration. Remember his motto - "Dream big - dare to fail" - and use it as your motto. Never let anything get in your way. Never let anything stop you from reaching your dream.

= No excuses =

It is easy to make excuses for failing to reach goals in your business. "I don't have the right education." "I don't have the financial support." "It's too difficult for me." "It's too hard!"

Norman Vaughan could easily have stayed in his comfortable home, talking about the mountain of his youth, full of good excuses for not climbing it now. For one thing, even most healthy, young men would be excused for not attempting to climb such a daunting mountain.

If Vaughan had let his age or artificial knee or fused ankle or frost-damaged feet halt him from following his dream, he would never have reached greatness. Excuses would have kept him from success.

It's the same with your business. If you let excuses get between you and your dreams, you will be giving away the success that could be yours. Excuses can rob you of greatness ... they can keep you from taking your business to the pinnacle.

Dream big! Don't let any excuses stop you.